Connect ITSM products/services with IT Service Management Connector

This article provides information about how to configure the connection between your ITSM product/service and the IT Service Management Connector (ITSMC) in Log Analytics to centrally manage your work items. For more information about ITSMC, see Overview.

The following ITSM products/services are supported. Select the product to view detailed information about how to connect the product to ITSMC.


We propose our Cherwell and Provance customers to use Webhook action to Cherwell and Provance endpoint as another solution to the integration.

IP ranges for ITSM partners connections

In order to list the ITSM IP addresses in order to allow ITSM connections from partners ITSM tools, we recommend the to list the whole public IP range of Azure region where their LogAnalytics workspace belongs. details here For regions EUS/WEU/EUS2/WUS2/US South Central the customer can list ActionGroup network tag only.

Next steps