What is monitored by Azure Monitor?

This article describes the different applications and services that are monitored by Azure Monitor.

Insights and core solutions

Core insights and solutions are considered part of Azure Monitor and follow the support and service level agreements for Azure. They are supported in all Azure regions where Azure Monitor is available.


Insights provide a customized monitoring experience for particular applications and services. They collect and analyze both logs and metrics.

Insight Description
Application Insights Extensible Application Performance Management (APM) service to monitor your live web application on any platform.
Container insights Monitors the performance of container workloads deployed to either Azure Container Instances or managed Kubernetes clusters hosted on Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS).
Cosmos DB insights Provides a view of the overall performance, failures, capacity, and operational health of all your Azure Cosmos DB resources in a unified interactive experience.
Networks insights (preview) Provides a comprehensive view of health and metrics for all your network resource. The advanced search capability helps you identify resource dependencies, enabling scenarios like identifying resource that are hosting your website, by simply searching for your website name.
Resource Group insights (preview) Triage and diagnose any problems your individual resources encounter, while offering context as to the health and performance of the resource group as a whole.
Storage insights Provides comprehensive monitoring of your Azure Storage accounts by delivering a unified view of your Azure Storage services performance, capacity, and availability.
VM insights Monitors your Azure virtual machines (VM) and virtual machine scale sets at scale. It analyzes the performance and health of your Windows and Linux VMs, and monitors their processes and dependencies on other resources and external processes.
Key Vault insights (preview) Provides comprehensive monitoring of your key vaults by delivering a unified view of your Key Vault requests, performance, failures, and latency.
Azure Cache for Redis insights (preview) Provides a unified, interactive view of overall performance, failures, capacity, and operational health.

Core solutions

Solutions are based on log queries and views customized for a particular application or service. They collect and analyze logs only and are being deprecated over time in favor of insights.

Solution Description
Agent health Analyze the health and configuration of Log Analytics agents.
Alert management Analyze alerts collected from System Center Operations Manager, Nagios, or Zabbix.
Service Map Automatically discovers application components on Windows and Linux systems and maps the communication between services.

Azure services

The following table lists Azure services and the data they collect into Azure Monitor.

  • Metrics - The service automatically collects metrics into Azure Monitor Metrics.
  • Logs - The service supports diagnostic settings which can collect platform logs and metrics to Azure Monitor Logs.
  • Insight - There is an insight available for the service which provides a customized monitoring experience for the service.
Service Metrics Logs Insight Notes
Active Directory No Yes Yes
Active Directory B2C No No No
Active Directory Domain Services No Yes No
Activity log No Yes No
Advanced Threat Protection No No No
Advisor No No No
AI Builder No No No
Analysis Services Yes Yes No
API for FHIR No No No
API Management Yes Yes No
App Service Yes Yes No
AppConfig No No No
Application Gateway Yes Yes No
Attestation Service No No No
Automation Yes Yes No
Azure Service Manager (RDFE) No No No
Backup No Yes No
Bastion No No No
Batch Yes Yes No
Batch AI No No No
Blockchain Service No Yes No
Blueprints No No No
Bot Service No No No
Cloud Services Yes Yes No Agent required to monitor guest operating system and workflows.
Cloud Shell No No No
Cognitive Services Yes Yes No
Container Instances Yes No No
Container Registry Yes Yes No
Content Delivery Network (CDN) No Yes No
Cosmos DB Yes Yes Yes
Cost Management No No No
Data Box No No No
Data Catalog Gen2 No No No
Data Explorer Yes Yes No
Data Factory Yes Yes No
Data Factory v2 No Yes No
Data Share No No No
Database for MariaDB Yes Yes No
Database for MySQL Yes Yes No
Database for PostgreSQL Yes Yes No
Database Migration Service No No No
Databricks No Yes No
DDoS Protection Yes Yes No
DevOps No No No
DNS Yes No No
Domain names No No No
DPS No No No
Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement No No No
Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations No No No
Event Grid Yes No No
Event Hubs Yes Yes No
ExpressRoute Yes Yes No
Firewall Yes Yes No
Front Door Yes Yes No
Functions Yes Yes No
HDInsight No Yes No
HPC Cache No No No
Information Protection No Yes No
Intune No Yes No
IoT Central No No No
IoT Hub Yes Yes No
Key Vault Yes Yes Yes
Kubernetes Service (AKS) No No Yes
Load Balancer Yes No No
Logic Apps Yes Yes No
Machine Learning Service No No No
Managed Applications No No No
Maps No No No
Media Services Yes Yes No
Microsoft Managed Desktop No No No
Microsoft Power Apps No No No
Microsoft Social Engagement No No No
Microsoft Stream Yes Yes No
Migrate No No No
Multi-Factor Authentication No Yes No
Network Watcher Yes Yes No
Notification Hubs Yes No No
Open Datasets No No No
Policy No No No
Power Automate No No No
Power BI Embedded Yes Yes No
Private Link No No No
Project Spool Communication Platform No No No
Red Hat OpenShift No No No
Redis Cache Yes Yes Yes
Resource Graph No No No
Resource Manager No No No
Retail Search – by Bing No No No
Search Yes Yes No
Service Bus Yes Yes No
Service Fabric No Yes No Agent required to monitor guest operating system and workflows.
Signup Portal No No No
Site Recovery No Yes No
Spring Cloud Service No No No
Azure Synapse Analytics Yes Yes No
SQL Database Yes Yes No
SQL Server Stretch Database Yes Yes No
Stack No No No
Storage Yes No Yes
Storage Cache No No No
Storage Sync Services No No No
Stream Analytics Yes Yes No
Time Series Insights Yes Yes No
Traffic Manager Yes Yes No
Universal Print No No No
Virtual Machine Scale Sets No Yes Yes Agent required to monitor guest operating system and workflows.
Virtual Machines Yes Yes Yes Agent required to monitor guest operating system and workflows.
Virtual Network Yes Yes Yes
Virtual Network - NSG Flow Logs No Yes No
VPN Gateway Yes Yes No
Windows Virtual Desktop No Yes No

Virtual machine agents

The following table lists the agents that can collect data from the guest operating system of virtual machines and send data to Monitor. Each agent can collect different data and send it to either Metrics or Logs in Azure Monitor.

See Overview of Azure Monitor agents for details on the data that each agent can collect.

Agent Metrics Logs
Azure Monitor agent (preview) Yes Yes
Log Analytics agent No Yes
Diagnostic extension Yes No
Telegraf agent Yes No
Dependency agent No Yes

Product integrations

The services and solutions in the following table store their data in a Log Analytics workspace so that it can be analyzed with other log data collected by Azure Monitor.

Product/Service Description
Azure Automation Manage operating system updates and track changes on Windows and Linux computers. See Change Tracking and Update Management.
Azure Information Protection Classify and optionally protect documents and emails. See Central reporting for Azure Information Protection.
Azure Security Center Collect and analyze security events and perform threat analysis. See Data collection in Azure Security Center
Azure Sentinel Connects to different sources including Office 365 and Amazon Web Services Cloud Trail. See Connect data sources.
Microsoft Intune Create a diagnostic setting to send logs to Azure Monitor. See Send log data to storage, event hubs, or log analytics in Intune (preview).
Network Network Performance Monitor - Monitor network connectivity and performance to service and application endpoints.
Azure Application Gateway - Analyze logs and metrics from Azure Application Gateway.
Traffic Analytics - Analyzes Network Watcher network security group (NSG) flow logs to provide insights into traffic flow in your Azure cloud.
Office 365 Monitor your Office 365 environment. Updated version with improved onboarding available through Azure Sentinel.
SQL Analytics Monitor performance of Azure SQL Databases and SQL Managed Instances at scale and across multiple subscriptions.
Surface Hub Track the health and usage of Surface Hub devices.
System Center Operations Manager Collect data from Operations Manager agents by connecting their management group to Azure Monitor. See Connect Operations Manager to Azure Monitor
Assess the risk and health of your System Center Operations Manager management group with Operations Manager Assessment solution.
Microsoft Teams Rooms Integrated, end-to-end management of Microsoft Teams Rooms devices.
Visual Studio App Center Build, test, and distribute applications and then monitor their status and usage. See Start analyzing your mobile app with App Center and Application Insights.
Windows Windows Update Compliance - Assess your Windows desktop upgrades.
Desktop Analytics - Integrates with Configuration Manager to provide insight and intelligence to make more informed decisions about the update readiness of your Windows clients.

Other solutions

Other solutions are available for monitoring different applications and services, but active development has stopped and they may not be available in all regions. They are covered by the Azure Log Analytics data ingestion service level agreement.

Solution Description
Active Directory health check Assess the risk and health of your Active Directory environments.
Active Directory replication status Regularly monitors your Active Directory environment for any replication failures.
Activity log analytics View Activity Log entries.
DNS Analytics (preview) Collects, analyzes, and correlates Windows DNS analytic and audit logs and other related data from your DNS servers.
Cloud Foundry Collect, view, and analyze your Cloud Foundry system health and performance metrics, across multiple deployments.
Containers View and manage Docker and Windows container hosts.
On-Demand Assessments Assess and optimize the availability, security, and performance of your on-premises, hybrid, and cloud Microsoft technology environments.
SQL health check Assess the risk and health of your SQL Server environments.
Wire Data Consolidated network and performance data collected from Windows-connected and Linux-connected computers with the Log Analytics agent.

Third party integration

Solution Description
ITSM The IT Service Management Connector (ITSMC) allows you to connect Azure and a supported IT Service Management (ITSM) product/service.

Resources outside of Azure

Azure Monitor can collect data from resources outside of Azure using the methods listed in the following table.

Resource Method
Applications Monitor web applications outside of Azure using Application Insights. See What is Application Insights?.
Virtual machines Use agents to collect data from the guest operating system of virtual machines in other cloud environments or on-premises. See Overview of Azure Monitor agents.
REST API Client Separate APIs are available to write data to Azure Monitor Logs and Metrics from any REST API client. See Send log data to Azure Monitor with the HTTP Data Collector API for Logs and Send custom metrics for an Azure resource to the Azure Monitor metric store by using a REST API for Metrics.

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