Metric data emitted by Azure services that measure their health and performance.


  • Azure Resources


  • LogManagement

Resource types

  • Analysis Services
  • Power BI Dedicated
  • Data Share
  • SQL Managed instance
  • SQL server
  • SQL database
  • Azure Database for MySQL server
  • Azure Database for PostgreSQL server
  • Azure Database for PostgreSQL server
  • Azure Database for MariaDB server
  • Device Provisioning Services
  • Event Hub
  • Application Gateway
  • Firewall
  • ExpressRoute circuit
  • Front Door
  • Load balancer
  • Network interface
  • Network security group
  • Public IP addresse
  • Traffic Manager profile
  • Virtual network gateway
  • Virtual network
  • Search Services
  • Stream Analytics
  • Bastion
  • Data Lake Analytics
  • Azure API for FHIR
  • Data Lake Storage Gen1
  • Automation account
  • Batch account
  • Azure Spring Cloud
  • Media Services
  • Azure Cache for Redis
  • Cognitive Services
  • Key vault
  • App Service
  • Storage account
  • SignalR
  • Container registry
  • Azure Data Explorer cluster
  • Azure AD Domain Services
  • Azure Blockchain service
  • Event Grid domain
  • Virtual machine
  • Virtual machine scale set
  • Kubernetes Services
  • Azure Databricks Services
  • Azure Monitor autoscale settings
  • IoT Hub
  • Azure Cosmos DB account
  • Machine Learning
  • Service Fabric cluster
  • Logic App
  • API Management services
  • Data factory (V2)
  • Service Bus


Column Type Description
SourceSystem string OpsManagerfor all records in this table.
TimeGenerated datetime Date and time the record was created.
ResourceId string Resource ID of the Azure resource reporting the metric. Same as _ResourceId present for backward compatibility reasons. _ResourceId should be used
OperationName string Deprecated
OperationVersion string Deprecated
Category string Deprecated
ResultType string Reduces the set of data collected. The syntax allowed depends on the operation. See the operation's description for details.
ResultSignature string Deprecated
ResultDescription string Deprecated
DurationMs long Deprecated
CallerIpAddress string Deprecated
CorrelationId string Deprecated
Resource string Resource name of the Azure resource reporting the metric.
ResourceGroup string Resource group name of the Azure resource reporting the metric.
ResourceProvider string Resource provider of the Azure resource reporting the metric.
SubscriptionId string Subscription id of the Azure resource reporting the metric.
MetricName string Display name of the metric.
Total real Sum of all of the values in the time range.
Count real Number of samples collected during the time range. Can be used to determine the number of values that contributed to the average value.
Maximum real Maximum value collected during in the time range.
Minimum real Minimum value collected during in the time range.
Average real
TimeGrain string Time grain of the metric e.g. PT1M
UnitName string Unit of the metric. Examples include Seconds Percent Bytes.
RemoteIPCountry string Deprecated
RemoteIPLatitude real Deprecated
RemoteIPLongitude real Deprecated
MaliciousIP string Deprecated
IndicatorThreatType string Deprecated
Description string Deprecated
TLPLevel string Deprecated
Confidence string Deprecated
Severity int Deprecated
FirstReportedDateTime string Deprecated
LastReportedDateTime string Deprecated
IsActive string Deprecated
Type string
_ResourceId string