Process data for servers collected by the Service Map and VM Insights solutions using the Dependency agent and Log analytics agent.


  • Virtual Machines


  • Service Map
  • VMInsights

Resource types

  • Virtual machine
  • Virtual machine scale set


Column Type Description
AgentId string Unique ID for the dependency agent installed on the server.
CommandLine string The command line
CompanyName string The name of the company
Computer string The name of the computer.
Description string The process description
DisplayName string The friendly display name of the process
ExecutableName string The name of the process executable
ExecutablePath string The path to the executable file
FileVersion string The file version
FirstPid int The first PID in the process pool
Group string The process group name for the process
InternalName string The internal name
Machine string The machine name of the server.
Process string The name of the process.
ProductName string The name of the product
ProductVersion string The product version
_ResourceId string
Role string The role of the process.
Services dynamic A list of services associated with the process.
SourceSystem string The source of the data collected (OpsManager)
StartTime datetime The process pool start time
TimeGenerated datetime Date and time the record was created.
Type string
UserDomain string The domain under which the process is executing
UserName string The account under which the process is executing
WorkingDirectory string The working directory