Resource Manager template samples for Azure Monitor

Azure Monitor can be deployed and configured at scale using Azure Resource Manager template. The following articles provide sample templates for different Azure Monitor features. These samples can be modified for your particular requirements and deployed using any standard method for deploying Resource Manager templates.

Deploying the sample templates

The basic steps to use the samples are:

  1. Copy the template and save as a JSON file.
  2. Modify the parameters for your environment and save as a JSON file.
  3. Deploy the template using any deployment method for Resource Manager templates.

For example, use the following commands to deploy the template and parameters file to a resource group using PowerShell or Azure CLI.

Select-AzSubscription -SubscriptionName my-subscription
New-AzResourceGroupDeployment -Name AzureMonitorDeployment -ResourceGroupName my-resource-group -TemplateFile azure-monitor-deploy.json -TemplateParameterFile azure-monitor-deploy.parameters.json
az login
az deployment group create \
    --name AzureMonitorDeployment \
    --resource-group ResourceGroupofTargetResource \
    --template-file azure-monitor-deploy.json \
    --parameters azure-monitor-deploy.parameters.json

List of sample templates

Next steps