Create a NetApp account

Creating a NetApp account enables you to set up a capacity pool and subsequently create a volume. You use the Azure NetApp Files blade to create a new NetApp account.

Before you begin

You must have received an email from the Azure NetApp Files team confirming that you have been granted access to the service. See Submit a waitlist request for accessing the service.

You must also have registered your subscription for using the NetApp Resource Provider. See Register the NetApp Resource Provider.


  1. Sign in to the Azure portal.

  2. Access the Azure NetApp Files blade by using one of the following methods:

    • Search for Azure NetApp Files in the Azure portal search box.
    • Click All services in the navigation, and then filter to Azure NetApp Files.

    You can "favorite" the Azure NetApp Files blade by clicking the star icon next to it.

  3. Click + Add to create a new NetApp account.
    The New NetApp account window appears.

  4. Provide the following information for your NetApp account:

    • Account name
      Specify a unique name for the subscription.

    • Subscription
      Select a subscription from your existing subscriptions.

    • Resource group
      Use an existing Resource Group or create a new one.

    • Location
      Select the region where you want the account and its child resources to be located.

      New NetApp account

  5. Click Create.
    The NetApp account you created now appears in the Azure NetApp Files blade.


If you have not been granted access to the Azure NetApp Files service, you will receive the following error when you try to create the first NetApp account:

{"code":"DeploymentFailed","message":"At least one resource deployment operation failed. Please list deployment operations for details. Please see for usage details.","details":[{"code":"NotFound","message":"{\r\n \"error\": {\r\n \"code\": \"InvalidResourceType\",\r\n \"message\": \"The resource type could not be found in the namespace 'Microsoft.NetApp' for api version '2017-08-15'.\"\r\n }\r\n}"}]}

Next steps

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