Manage a manual QoS capacity pool

This article describes how to manage a capacity pool that uses the manual QoS type.

See Storage hierarchy of Azure NetApp Files and Performance considerations for Azure NetApp Files to understand the considerations about QoS types.

Register the feature

The manual QoS type feature is currently in preview. If you are using this feature for the first time, you need to register the feature first.

  1. Register the feature:

    Register-AzProviderFeature -ProviderNamespace Microsoft.NetApp -FeatureName ANFFlexPool
  2. Check the status of the feature registration:


    The RegistrationState may be in the Registering state for up to 60 minutes before changing toRegistered. Wait until the status is Registered before continuing.

    Get-AzProviderFeature -ProviderNamespace Microsoft.NetApp -FeatureName ANFFlexPool

You can also use Azure CLI commands az feature register and az feature show to register the feature and display the registration status.

Set up a new manual QoS capacity pool

To create a new capacity pool using the manual QoS type:

  1. Follow steps in Set up a capacity pool.

  2. In the New Capacity Pool window, select the Manual QoS type.

Change a capacity pool to use manual QoS

You can change a capacity pool that currently uses the auto QoS type to use the manual QoS type.


Setting the capacity type to manual QoS is a permanent change. You cannot convert a manual QoS type capacity tool to an auto QoS capacity pool.

  1. From the management blade for your NetApp account, click Capacity pools to display existing capacity pools.

  2. Click the capacity pool that you want to change to using manual QoS.

  3. Click Change QoS type. Then set New QoS Type to Manual. Click OK.

Change QoS type

Monitor the throughput of a manual QoS capacity pool

Metrics are available to help you monitor the read and write throughput of a volume. See Metrics for Azure NetApp Files.

Modify the allotted throughput of a manual QoS volume

If a volume is contained in a manual QoS capacity pool, you can modify the allotted volume throughput as needed.

  1. From the Volumes page, select the volume whose throughput you want to modify.

  2. Click Change throughput. Specify the Throughput (MiB/S) that you want. Click OK.

    Change QoS throughput

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