Introduction to Azure Percept

Azure Percept is a family of hardware, software, and services designed to accelerate business transformation using IoT and AI at the edge. Azure Percept covers the full stack from silicon to services to solve the integration challenges of edge AI at scale.

The integration challenges one faces when attempting to deploy edge AI solutions at scale can be summed up into three major points of friction:

  • Identifying and selecting the right silicon to power the solutions.
  • Ensuring the collective security of the hardware, software, models, and data.
  • The ability to build and manage solutions that seamlessly work at scale.

Components of Azure Percept

The main components of Azure Percept are:

  • Azure Percept DK.

    • A development kit that is flexible enough to support a wide variety of prototyping scenarios for device builders, solution builders, and customers.

  • Services and workflows that accelerate edge AI model and solution development.

    • Development workflows and pre-built models accessible from Azure Percept Studio.
    • Model development services.
    • Device management services for scaling.
    • End-to-end security.
  • AI hardware reference design and certification programs.

    • Provides the ecosystem of hardware developers with patterns and best practices for developing edge AI hardware that can be integrated easily with Azure AI and IoT services.

Next steps

Learn more about Azure Percept DK and Azure Percept Studio.