Azure Percept Studio overview

Azure Percept Studio is the single launch point for creating edge AI models and solutions. Azure Percept Studio allows you to discover and complete guided workflows that make it easy to integrate edge AI-capable hardware and powerful Azure AI and IoT cloud services.

In the Studio, you can see your edge AI-capable devices as end points for collecting initial and ongoing training data as well as deployment targets for model iterations. Having access to devices and training data allows for rapid prototyping and iterative edge AI model development for both vision and speech scenarios.

The workflows in Azure Percept Studio integrate many Azure AI and IoT services, like Azure IoT Hub, Custom Vision, Speech Studio, and Azure ML, so you can use these services to create an end-to-end solution without significant pre-existing knowledge. If you are already familiar with these Azure services, you can also connect to and modify existing Azure service resources outside of Azure Percept Studio.

Regardless of if you are a beginner or an advanced AI model and solution developer, working on a prototype, or moving to a production solution, Azure Percept Studio offers access to workflows you can use to reduce friction around building edge AI solutions.

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