Quickstart: Deploy service catalog app through Azure portal

In the preceding quickstart, you published a managed application definition. In this quickstart, you create a service catalog app from that definition.

Create service catalog app

In the Azure portal, use the following steps:

  1. Select Create a resource.

    Create a resource

  2. Search for Service Catalog Managed Application and select it from the available options.

    Search for service catalog application

  3. You see a description of the Managed Application service. Select Create.

    Select create

  4. The portal shows the managed application definitions that you have access to. From the available definitions, select the one you wish to deploy. In this quickstart, use the Managed Storage Account definition that you created in the preceding quickstart. Select Create.

    Select definition to deploy

  5. Provide values for the Basics tab. Select the Azure subscription to deploy your service catalog app to. Create a new resource group named applicationGroup. Select a location for your app. When finished, select OK.

    Provide values for basic

  6. Provide a prefix for the storage account name. Select the type of storage account to create. When finished, select OK.

    Provide values for storage

  7. Review the summary. After validation succeeds, select OK to begin deployment.

    View summary

View results

After the service catalog app has been deployed, you have two new resource groups. One resource group holds the service catalog app. The other resource group holds the resources for the service catalog app.

  1. View the resource group named applicationGroup to see the service catalog app.

    View application

  2. View the resource group named applicationGroup{hash-characters} to see the resources for the service catalog app.

    View resources

Next steps