Manage Role-Based Access Control

Applies to: Azure Stack integrated systems and Azure Stack Development Kit

A user in Azure Stack can be a reader, owner, or contributor for each instance of a subscription, resource group, or service. For example, User A might have reader permissions to Subscription 1, but have owner permissions to Virtual Machine 7.

  • Reader: User can view everything, but can’t make any changes.
  • Contributor: User can manage everything except access to resources.
  • Owner: User can manage everything, including access to resources.

Set access permissions for a user

  1. Sign in with an account that has owner permissions to the resource you want to manage.
  2. In the blade for the resource, click the Access icon .
  3. In the Users blade, click Roles.
  4. In the Roles blade, click Add to add permissions for the user.

Next steps

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