Add marketplace items using publishing tool

Adding your content to the Azure Stack Marketplace makes your solutions available to you and your tenants for deployment. The Marketplace Toolkit creates Azure Marketplace Packages (.azpkg) files based on your IaaS Azure Resource Manager templates or VM Extensions. You can also use the Marketplace Toolkit to publish .azpkg files, either created with the tool or using manual steps. This topic guides you through downloading the tool, creating a marketplace item based on a VM template, and then publishing that item to the Azure Stack Marketplace.


  • You must run the toolkit on the Azure Stack host or have VPN connectivity from the machine where you run the tool.

  • Download the Azure Stack Quickstart templates and extract.

  • Download the Azure Gallery Packaging tool (AzureGalleryPackage.exe).

  • Publishing to the marketplace requires icons and a thumbnail file. You can use your own, or save the sample files locally for this example.

Download the tool

The Marketplace Toolkit can be downloaded from the Azure Stack Tools repo.

Create marketplace items

In this section, you use the Marketplace Toolkit to create a marketplace item package in .azpkg format.

Provide marketplace information with wizard

  1. Run the Marketplace Toolkit from a PowerShell session:

  2. Click the Solution tab. This screen accepts information about your marketplace item. Enter information about your item as you want it to appear in the marketplace. You can also specify a parameters file to prepopulate the form.

    screenshot of Marketplace Toolkit first screen

  3. Click Browse and select an image file for each icon and screenshot field. You can use your own icons, or the sample icons in the support files section.
  4. Once all fields are populated, select "Preview Solution" for a preview of the solution within the Marketplace. You can revise and edit the text, images, and screenshot before clicking Next.

Import template and create package

In this section, you import the template and work with input for your solution.

  1. Click Browse and select the azuredeploy.json from the 101-Simple-Windows-VM folder in the downloaded templates.

    screenshot of Marketplace Toolkit second screen

  2. The Deployment Wizard is populated with a Basic step and input items for each parameter specified in the template. You can add additional steps and move inputs between steps. As an example, you may want "Front-End Configuration" and "Back-End Configuration" steps for your solution.
  3. Specify the path to AzureGalleryPackager.exe.
  4. Click Create and the Marketplace Toolkit packages your solution into an .azpkg file. Once complete, the wizard displays the path to your solution file and give you the option to continue publishing your package to Azure Stack.

Publish marketplace items

In this section, you publish the marketplace item to your Azure Stack Marketplace.

screenshot of Marketplace Toolkit first screen

  1. The wizard requires information to publish your solution:

    Field Description
    Service Admin Name Service Administrator account. Example:
    Password Password for Service Administrator account.
    API Endpoint Azure Stack Azure Resource Manager endpoint. Example: management.local.azurestack.external
  2. Click Publish and the publishing log is displayed.
  3. You are now able to deploy your published item via the Azure Stack portal.

Use a parameters file

You can also use a parameters file to complete the marketplace item information.

The Marketplace Toolkit includes a solution.parameters.ps1 you can use to create your own parameters file.

Support files

Description Sample
40x40 .png icon
90x90 .png icon
115x115 .png icon
255x115 .png icon
533x324 .png thumbnail