Overview of offering services in Azure Stack

Applies to: Azure Stack integrated systems and Azure Stack Development Kit

Microsoft Azure Stack is a hybrid cloud platform that lets you deliver services from your datacenter. As a service provider, you can offer services to your tenants. Within a business or government agency, you can offer on-premises services to your employees. The services that you can deliver include, but are not limited to:

  • Platform as a Service (PaaS) services like App Services, Mobile Apps, API Apps, API Functions, SQL, MySQL.

You can even combine services to integrate and build complex solutions for different users.

To deliver these services to your users, you must create plans, offers, and quotas. Your users can then subscribe to your offers to use the services.

Plan your service offers

When you’re planning your offers, keep the following points in mind:

Trial offers: You can use trial offers to attract new users, who can then upgrade to additional services. To create a trial offer, create a small base plan with an optional larger add-on plan.

Capacity planning: You might be concerned about users grabbing large amounts of resources and clogging the system for all users. To help performance, you can configure your plans with quotas to cap usage.

Delegated providers: You can grant others the ability to create offers in your environment. For example, if you’re a service provider, you can delegate this ability to your resellers. Or, if you’re an organization, you can delegate to other divisions/subsidiaries.

Next steps

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