Azure Bastion FAQ (Preview)

This is the FAQ for Azure Bastion.

How do I participate in the public preview?

You need to onboard in order to participate in the public preview. Use the steps in this article to create a new Azure Bastion resource. Currently, when accessing and using this service, you must use the Azure portal - preview instead of the regular Azure portal.

Which regions are available during preview?

You can deploy and use the Bastion resource in any of these preview regions via the Azure portal - preview link.

  • West US
  • East US
  • West Europe
  • South Central US
  • Australia East
  • Japan East

I can't find the Bastion resource in the Azure portal. What should I do?

Make sure that you are using the Azure portal - preview link, not the regular Azure portal.

Do I need a public IP on my virtual machine?

You do NOT need a public IP on the Azure Virtual Machine that you are connecting to with the Azure Bastion service. The Bastion service will open the RDP/SSH session/connection to your virtual machine over the private IP of your virtual machine, within your virtual network.

Do I need an RDP or SSH client?

You do not need an RDP or SSH client to access the RDP/SSH to your Azure virtual machine in your Azure portal. Use the Azure portal - preview link to access the preview flight of the portal. This will let you get RDP/SSH access to your virtual machine directly in the browser.

Do I need an agent running in the Azure virtual machine?

You don't need to install an agent or any software on your browser or on your Azure virtual machine. The Bastion service is agentless and does not require any additional software for RDP/SSH.

Which browsers are supported?

During the public preview, use the Microsoft Edge browser or Google Chrome on Windows. For Apple Mac, use Google Chrome browser. Microsoft Edge Chromium is also supported on both Windows and Mac, respectively.

Are any roles required to access a virtual machine?

In order to make a connection, the following roles are required:

  • Reader role on the virtual machine
  • Reader role on the NIC with private IP of the virtual machine
  • Reader role on the Azure Bastion resource

Pricing - Will I be billed for participating in the preview?

You will only be billed partially during public preview. However, there is no SLA attached to your deployment. For more information, see the pricing page.

Why do I get "Your session has expired" error message before the Bastion session starts?

A session should be initiated only from the Azure portal. Sign in to the Azure portal and begin your session again. If you go to the URL directly from another browser session or tab, this error is expected. It helps ensure that your session is more secure and that the session can be accessed only through the Azure portal.