View billing accounts in Azure portal

A billing account is created when you sign up to use Azure. You use your billing account to manage your invoices, payments, and track costs. You can have access to multiple billing accounts. For example, you might have signed up for Azure for your personal projects. You could also have access through your organization's Enterprise Agreement or Microsoft Customer Agreement. For each of these scenarios, you would have a separate billing account.

Azure portal currently supports the following type of billing accounts:

Scopes for billing accounts

A scope is a node within a billing account that users use to view and manage billing. It is where users manage billing data, payments, invoices, and conduct general account management.

Microsoft Online Services Program

Scope Definition
Billing account Represents a single owner (Account administrator) for one or more Azure subscriptions. An Account Administrator is authorized to perform various billing tasks like create subscriptions, view invoices or change the billing for subscriptions.
Subscription Represents a grouping of Azure resources. Invoice is generated at this scope. It has its own payment methods that are used to pay its invoice.

Enterprise Agreement

Scope Definition
Billing account Represents an Enterprise Agreement enrollment. Invoice is generated at this scope. It is structured using departments and enrollment accounts.
Department Optional grouping of enrollment accounts.
Enrollment account Represents a single account owner. Azure subscriptions are created under this scope.

Microsoft Customer Agreement

Scope Tasks
Billing account Represents a customer agreement for multiple Microsoft products and services. It is structured using billing profiles and invoice sections.
Billing profile Represents an invoice and its payment methods. Invoice is generated at this scope. It can have multiple invoice sections.
Invoice section Represents a group of costs in an invoice. Subscriptions and other purchases are associated to this scope.

Switch billing scope in the Azure portal

  1. Sign in to the Azure portal.

  2. Search for Cost Management + Billing.

    Screenshot that shows Azure portal search

  3. Select All billing scopes from the left-hand side.

    Screenshot that shows all billing scopes

    ** You will not see All billing scopes if you only have access to one scope.

  4. Select a scope to view details.

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