Create an Azure Bot resource


The Azure Bot resource allows you to register your bot with the Azure Bot Service and to connect your bot to channels. You can build, connect, and manage bots to interact with your users wherever they are, from your app or website to Teams, Messenger and many other channels. To learn how to create a bot, see the Create a bot with the Bot Framework SDK quickstart.


If you're new to bot development, we recommend using Bot Framework Composer.

You can keep using the SDK for those bots you have already created. However, we recommend the use of Composer for new development.


  • If you don't have an Azure subscription, create a free account before you begin.

Create the resource

Create the Azure Bot resource, which will allow you to register your bot with the Azure Bot Service.


Web App Bot and Bot Channels Registration are deprecated but existing resources will continue to work. You should use Azure Bot, instead.

  1. Go to the Azure portal.

  2. In the right pane, select Create a resource.

  3. In the search box enter bot, then press Enter.

  4. Select the Azure Bot card.

    Select Azure bot resource

  5. Select Create.

    Create Azure bot resource

  6. Enter the required values. The following figure shows Create new Microsoft App ID selected.

    Create Azure bot resource values

    You can also select Use existing app registration and enter your existing app ID and password.

    Create Azure bot resource existing values

  7. Select Review + create.

  8. If the validation passes, select Create.

  9. Select Go to resource group. You should see the bot and the related Azure Key Vault resources listed in the resource group you selected.


    The app secret (password) is stored in the the key vault and there is one key vault per resource group. Using key vault is recommended instead of copying and storing sensitive data.

  10. Select Get the SDK from Github to build your bot with the Bot Framework SDK.

    Create bot in SDK

Azure Key Vault

When Azure creates the Azure Bot resource, it also generates an app ID and a password and stores the password in Azure Key Vault.

Key Vault is a service that provides centralized secrets management, with full control over access policies and audit history. For more information, see Use Key Vault references for App Service and Azure Functions. You're charged a small fee for using the service. For more information, see Key Vault pricing.

App ID and password

You need the Azure bot resource app ID and password to configure your bot for deployment. You'll assign their values to the related variables: MicrosoftAppId and MicrosoftAppPassword contained in your bot project configuration file. The file differs depending on the programming language you use to create the bot.

The appsettings.json file contains these settings:

  "MicrosoftAppId": "<your app ID>",
  "MicrosoftAppPassword": "<your password>"

Get Azure Bot resource app ID

  1. Go to the Azure portal.
  2. Select the Azure Bot resource to obtain its app ID.
  3. In the left pane, in the Settings section, select Configuration.
  4. Copy and save the value contained in the Microsoft App ID box.

Get Azure bot resource password from Azure Key Vault

When Azure creates the Azure Bot resource, it stores the app password in Azure Key Vault. For information on how to access the key vault to obtain your password, see:

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