Virtual Assistant - Skills Overview


This topic applies to v4 version of the SDK.


Developers can compose conversational experiences by stitching together re-usable conversational capabilities, known as Skills.

Within an Enterprise, this could be creating one parent bot bringing together multiple sub-bots owned by different teams, or more broadly leveraging common capabilities provided by other developers. With this preview of Skills, developers can create a new bot (typically through the Virtual Assistant template) and add/remove Skills with one command line operation incorporating all Dispatch and Configuration changes.

Skills are themselves Bots, invoked remotely and a Skill developer template (.NET, TS) is available to facilitate creation of new Skills.

A key design goal for Skills was to maintain the consistent Activity protocol and ensure the development experience was as close to any normal V4 SDK bot as possible.

Skills Scenarios

Bot Framework Skills

At this time we have made available the following Bot Framework Skills, powered by the Microsoft Graph and available in multiple languages.

Skills Scenarios

Name Description
Calendar Skill Add calendar capabilities to your assistant. Powered by Microsoft Graph and Google.
Email Skill Add email capabilities to your assistant. Powered by Microsoft Graph and Google.
To Do Skill Add task management capabilities to your assistant. Powered by Microsoft Graph.
Point of Interest Skill Find points of interest and directions. Powered by Azure Maps and FourSquare.
Automotive Skill Industry-vertical Skill for showcasing enabling car feature control.
Experimental Skills News, Restaurant Booking and Weather.

Getting Started

Refer to the tutorials to learn how to leverage existing skills and build your own.