About Direct Line

The Bot Framework Direct Line channel is an easy way to integrate your bot into your mobile app, webpage, or other application. Direct Line is available in three forms:

  • Direct Line service – a global, robust service for most developers
  • Direct Line App Service Extensions – dedicated Direct Line functionality for security and performance (available in private preview starting May 2019)
  • Direct Line Speech – optimized for high-performance speech (available in private preview starting May 2019)

You can choose which offering of Direct Line is best for you by evaluating the features each offers and the needs of your solution. Over time these offerings will be simplified.

Direct Line Direct Line App Service Extension Direct Line Speech
Availability and Licensing General availability Private preview, no SLA Private preview, no SLA
Speech recognition and text-to-speech performance Standard Standard High performance
Integrated OAuth Yes Yes No
Integrated telemetry Yes Yes No
Supports legacy web browsers Yes No No
Bot Framework SDK support All v3, v4 v4.5+ required v4.5+ required
Client SDK support JS, C# JS, C# C++, C#, Unity
Works with Web Chat Yes Yes No
Conversation history API Yes Yes No
VNET No Preview* No

* Direct Line App Service Extensions can be used in VNETs but do not yet allow restriction of outbound calls.

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