Cloud Adoption Framework enterprise-scale design guidelines

This article and the articles series that follows outline how the enterprise-scale architecture provides an opinionated position on each of the Azure landing zone design areas. This series provides a step-by-step set of design guidelines that can be followed to implement the design principles embodied in the enterprise-scale solution.

The core of enterprise-scale architecture contains a critical design path comprised of fundamental design topics with heavily interrelated and dependent design decisions. This repo provides design guidance across these architecturally significant technical domains to support the critical design decisions that must occur to define the enterprise-scale architecture. For each of the considered domains, review the provided considerations and recommendations and use them to structure and drive designs within each area.

For example, you might ask how many subscriptions are needed for your estate. You can review subscription organization and governance and use the outlined recommendations to drive subscription decisions.

Critical design areas

The following eight critical design areas can help you translate your requirements to Azure constructs and capabilities. These design areas can help you address the mismatch between on-premises and cloud-design infrastructure, which typically creates dissonance and friction between the enterprise-scale definition and Azure adoption.

The impact of decisions made within these critical areas will reverberate across enterprise-scale architecture and influence other decisions. Familiarize yourself with these eight areas to better understand the consequences of encompassed decisions, which could later produce trade-offs within related areas.