Azure Cloud Services Config Role Schema

The Role element of the configuration file specifies the number of role instances to deploy for each role in the service, the values of any configuration settings, and the thumbprints for any certificates associated with a role.

For more information about the Azure Service Configuration Schema, see Cloud Service (classic) Configuration Schema. For more information about the Azure Service Definition Schema, see Cloud Service (classic) Definition Schema.

Role Element

The following example shows the Role element and its child elements.

  <Role name="<role-name>" vmName="<vm-name>">
    <Instances count="<number-of-instances>"/>
      <Setting name="<setting-name>" value="<setting-value>" />
      <Certificate name="<certificate-name>" thumbprint="<certificate-thumbprint>" thumbprintAlgorithm="<algorithm>"/>

The following table describes the attributes for the Role element.

Attribute Description
name Required. Specifies the name of the role. The name must match the name provided for the role in the service definition file.
vmName Optional. Specifies the DNS name for a Virtual Machine. The name must be 10 characters or less.

The following table describes the child elements of the Role element.

Element Description
Instances Required. Specifies the number of instances to deploy for the role. The number of instances is defined by an integer for the count attribute.
Setting Optional. Specifies a setting name and value in a collection of settings for a role. The setting name is defined by a string for the name attribute and the setting value is defined by a string for the value attribute.
Certificate Optional. Specifies the name, thumbprint, and algorithm of a service certificate that is to be associated with the role. The certificate name is defined by a string for the name attribute. The certificate thumbprint is defined by a string of hexadecimal numbers containing no spaces for the thumbprint attribute. The hexadecimal numbers must be represented using digits and uppercase alpha characters. The certificate algorithm is defined by a string for the thumbprintAlgorithm attribute.

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