Create your first Bing Custom Search instance

To use Bing Custom Search, you need to create a custom search instance that defines your view or slice of the web. The instance contains settings that specify the public domains, subsites, and webpages that you want Bing to search, and any ranking adjustments. To create the instance, use the Bing Custom Search portal.

Create a custom search instance

To create a Bing Custom Search instance:

  1. Get a key for Custom Search API. See Try Cognitive Services.
  2. Sign in to the portal using a Microsoft account (MSA). Click the Sign in button. If you don’t have an MSA, click Create a Microsoft account. Since it’s your first time using the portal, it’ll ask for permissions to access your data. Click Yes.
  3. After signing in, click New search instance and name the instance. Use a name that’s meaningful and describes the type of content the search returns. You can change the name at any time.
  4. In the Definition Editor, click the Active tab and enter the URL of one or more sites you want to include in your search.
  5. To confirm that your instance returns results, enter a query in the preview pane on the right. If there are no results, specify a new site. Bing returns results only for public sites that it has indexed.
  6. Click the API Endpoint tab and copy the Custom Configuration ID. You need this ID to call the Custom Search API.

Next steps