Create an app

You create a new app in different ways:

  • Start with an empty app and create intents, utterances, and entities.
  • Start with an empty app and add a prebuilt domain.
  • Import a LUIS app from a JSON file that already contains intents, utterances, and entities.

What is an app

The app contains versions of your model as well as any collaborators for the app. When you create the app, you select the culture (language) which cannot be changed later.

The default version of a new app is "0.1."

You can create and manage your applications on My Apps page. You can always access this page by clicking My apps on the top navigation bar of the LUIS website.

List of apps

Create new app

  1. On My Apps page, click Create new app.
  2. In the dialog box, name your application "TravelAgent".

    Create new app dialog

  3. Choose your application culture (for TravelAgent app, we’ll choose English), and then click Done.


    The culture cannot be changed once the application is created.

Import new app

You can set the name (50 char max), version (10 char max), and description of an app in the JSON file. Examples of application JSON files are available at LUIS-Samples.

  1. On My Apps page, click Import new app.
  2. In the Import new app dialog, select the JSON file defining the LUIS app.

    Import a new app dialog

Next steps

Your first task in the app is to add intents.