Create a New App

You can create and manage your applications on My Apps page. You can always access this page by clicking My Apps on the top navigation bar of LUIS web page. This article shows you how to create a LUIS app and use it as an example application to work on throughout the LUIS help topics.

To create a new app:

  1. On My Apps page, click New App.
  2. In the dialog box, name your application "TravelAgent".

    A new app form

  3. Choose your application culture (for TravelAgent app, we’ll choose English), and then click Create.


    The culture cannot be changed once the application is created.

LUIS creates the TravelAgent app and opens its main page which looks like the following screen. Use the navigation links in the left panel to move through your app pages to define data and work on your app.

TravelAgent app created and Opened

Next steps

Your first task in the app is to add intents. For more info on how to add intents, see Add intents.