Language and region support for Bing Spell Check API

These languages are supported by the Bing Spell Check API (only in spell mode).

Please note that to work with any other language than en-US, the mkt should be set and either Accept-Language or setLang should be set as it has been described in Spell Check API v7 reference

Language Language code
Arabic ar
Chinese (People's Republic of China) zh-CN
Chinese (Hong Kong SAR) zh-HK
Chinese (Taiwan) zh-TW
Danish da
Dutch (Belgium) nl-BE
Dutch (Netherlands) nl-NL
English (Australia) en-AU
English (Canada) en-CA
English (India) en-IN
English (Indonesia) en-ID
English (Malaysia) en-MY
English (New Zealand) en-NZ
English (Philippines) en-PH
English (South Africa) en-ZA
English (United Kingdom) en-GB
English (United States) en-US
Finnish fi
French (Belgium) fr-BE
French (Canada) fr-CA
French (France) fr-FR
French (Switzerland) fr-CH
German (Austria) de-AT
German (Germany) de-DE
German (Switzerland) de-CH
Italian it
Japanese ja
Korean ko
Norwegian no
Polish pl
Portuguese (Brazil) pt-BR
Portuguese (Portugal) pt-PT
Russian ru
Spanish (Argentina) es-AR
Spanish (Chile) es-CL
Spanish (Mexico) es-MX
Spanish (Spain) es-ES
Spanish (United States) es-US
Swedish sv
Turkish tr

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