Get started with Content Moderator

You get started with Content Moderator in the following ways:

Regardless of the option you choose, see the Managing credentials article to find your API credentials.

Start with the review tool

Sign up on the Content Moderator review tool web site.

Content Moderator Home Page

Create a review team

Give your team a name. If you want to invite your colleagues, you can do so by entering their email addresses.

Invite team member

Upload images or enter text

Click Try > Image or Try > Text. Upload up to five sample images or enter sample text for moderation.

Try Image or Text Moderation

Submit for automated moderation

Submit your content for automated moderation. Internally, the review tool calls the moderation APIs to scan your content. Once the scanning is complete, you see a message informing you about the results waiting for your review.

Moderate files

Review and confirm results

Review the auto-moderated tags, change if needed, and submit by using the Next button. As your business application calls the Moderator APIs, the tagged content starts queuing up, ready to be reviewed by the human review teams. You quickly review large volumes of content using this approach.

Review results

Learn how to use all the review tool's features or continue with the next section to learn about the APIs. Skip the sign-up step because you have the API key provisioned for you in the review tool as shown in the Managing credentials article.

Use the APIs

Learn how to integrate Content Moderator with your business applications. Check out the API reference and the SDKs.

Subscribe in the Azure portal

Subscribe to Content Moderator in the Azure portal. Start with one of the following APIs:

Image moderation

Start with the API console or use the .NET quickstart to scan images and detect potential adult and racy content by using tags, confidence scores, and other extracted information.

Text moderation

Start with the API console or use the .NET quickstart to scan text content for potential profanity, machine-assisted unwanted text classification (preview), and personally identifiable information (PII).

Video moderation

Start with the .NET quickstart to scan videos and detect potential adult and racy content.

Review APIs

Start here by choosing from the Job, Review, and Workflow APIs.

  • The Job API scans your content by using the moderation APIs and generates reviews in the review tool.
  • The Review API directly creates image, text, or video reviews for human moderators without first scanning the content.
  • The Workflow API creates, updates, and gets details about the custom workflows that your team creates.

Next steps

Check out the API reference and the SDKs. Jumpstart your integration with the .NET SDK samples, REST API samples in C# and tutorials.