Limits and quotas

There are two tiers of keys for the Custom Vision service. You can sign up for a F0 (free) or S0 (standard) subscription through the Azure portal. See the corresponding Cognitive Services Pricing page for details on pricing and transactions.

The number of training images per project and tags per project are expected to increase over time for S0 projects.

Factor F0 S0
Projects 2 100
Training images per project 5,000 100,000
Predictions / month 10,000 Unlimited
Tags / project 50 500
Iterations 10 10
Min labeled images per Tag, Classification (50+ recommended) 5 5
Min labeled images per Tag, Object Detection (50+ recommended) 15 15
How long prediction images stored 30 days 30 days
Prediction operations with storage (Transactions Per Second) 2 10
Prediction operations without storage (Transactions Per Second) 2 20
TrainProject (API calls Per Second) 2 10
Other API calls (Transactions Per Second) 10 10
Accepted image types jpg, png, bmp, gif jpg, png, bmp, gif
Min image height/width in pixels 256 (see note) 256 (see note)
Max image height/width in pixels unlimited unlimited
Max image size (training image upload) 6 MB 6 MB
Max image size (prediction) 4 MB 4 MB
Max regions per object detection training image 300 300
Max tags per classification image 100 100


Images smaller than than 256 pixels will be accepted but upscaled.