Create a new LUIS app in the LUIS portal

There are a couple of ways to create a LUIS app. You can create a LUIS app in the LUIS portal, or through the LUIS authoring APIs.

Using the LUIS portal

You can create a new app in the portal in several ways:

  • Start with an empty app and create intents, utterances, and entities.
  • Start with an empty app and add a prebuilt domain.
  • Import a LUIS app from a .lu or .json file that already contains intents, utterances, and entities.

Using the authoring APIs

You can create a new app with the authoring APIs in a couple of ways:

Sign in to LUIS portal


Starting January 20th, the regional portals ( and will be consolidated into a single portal and URL. If you were using one of these portals, you will be automatically re-directed to You will continue using the same regional resources you created and your data will continue to be saved and processed in the same region as your resource.

A new user to LUIS needs to follow this procedure:

  1. Sign in to the LUIS portal, select your country/region and agree to the terms of use. If you see My Apps instead, a LUIS resource already exists and you should skip ahead to create an app. If not, start by using an Azure resource, this allows you to link your LUIS account with a new or existing Azure Authoring resource.
  1. In the Choose an authoring window that appears, find your Azure subscription, and LUIS authoring resource. If you don't have a resource, you can create a new one.

    Choose a type of Language Understanding authoring resource.

    When you create a new authoring resource, provide the following information:

    • Tenant name - the tenant your Azure subscription is associated with.
    • Azure subscription name - the subscription that will be billed for the resource.
    • Azure resource group name - a custom resource group name you choose or create. Resource groups allow you to group Azure resources for access and management.
    • Azure resource name - a custom name you choose, used as part of the URL for your authoring and prediction endpoint queries.
    • Pricing tier - the pricing tier determines the maximum transaction per second and month.

Create new app in LUIS

  1. On My Apps page, select your Subscription, and Authoring resource then + Create.

    LUIS apps list

  2. In the dialog box, enter the name of your application, such as Pizza Tutorial.

    Create new app dialog

  3. Choose your application culture, and then select Done. The description and prediction resource are optional at this point. You can set then at any time in the Manage section of the portal.


    The culture cannot be changed once the application is created.

    After the app is created, the LUIS portal shows the Intents list with the None intent already created for you. You now have an empty app.

    Intents list with a None intent and no example utterances

Other actions available on My Apps page

The context toolbar provides other actions:

  • Rename app
  • Import from file using .lu or .json
  • Export app as .lu (for LUDown), .json, or .zip (for LUIS container)
  • Import container endpoint logs, to review endpoint utterances
  • Export endpoint logs, as a .csv, for offline analysis
  • Delete app

Next steps

If your app design includes intent detection, create new intents, and add example utterances. If your app design is only data extraction, add example utterances to the None intent, then create entities, and label the example utterances with those entities.