Quickstart: Create a knowledge base using the QnA Maker API service portal

The QnA Maker API service portal makes it simple to add your existing data sources when creating a knowledge base. You can create a new QnA Maker knowledge base from the following document types:

  • FAQ pages
  • Products manuals
  • Structured documents

Include a chit-chat personality to make your knowledge more engaging with your users.

If you don't have an Azure subscription, create a free account before you begin.

Create a new knowledge base

  1. Sign into to the QnA Maker portal with your Azure credentials and select Create a knowledge base.

  2. If you have not already created a QnA Maker service, select Create a QnA service.

  3. Select your Azure tenant, Azure subscription name, and Azure resource name associated with the QnA Maker service from the lists in Step 2 in the QnA Maker portal. Select the Azure QnA Maker service that will host the Knowledge Base.

    Setup QnA service

  4. Enter the name of your knowledge base and the data sources for the new knowledge base.

    Set data sources

    • Give your service a name. Duplicate names and special characters are supported.
    • Add URLs for data you want extracted. See more information on the types of sources supported here.
    • Upload files for data you want extracted. See the pricing information to see how many documents you can add.
    • If you want to manually add QnAs, you can skip Step 4 shown in the preceding image.
  5. Add Chit-chat to your KB. Choose to add chit-chat support for your bot, by choosing from one of the personalities.

    Add chit-chat to KB

  6. Select Create your KB.

    Create KB

  7. It takes a few minutes for data to be extracted.


  8. When your Knowledge Base is successfully created, you are redirected to the Knowledge base page.

Clean up resources

When you are done with the knowledge base, remove it in the QnA Maker portal.

Next steps

For cost savings measures, you can share some but not all Azure resources created for QnA Maker.