Custom Neural Voice gating overview

Learn more about the process for getting started with Custom Neural Voice.

Commitment to responsible innovation

As part of Microsoft's commitment to designing responsible AI, we have assembled a set of materials to guide customers in using Custom Neural Voice. The guidelines and insights found here are based on Microsoft's principles for responsible innovation in AI.

Guidance for deploying Custom Neural Voice

Why Custom Neural Voice is a gated technology

Our intent is to protect the rights of individuals and society, foster transparent human-computer interactions, and counteract the proliferation of harmful deepfakes and misleading content. For this reason, we have gated the use of Custom Neural Voice. Customers gain access to the technology only after their applications are reviewed and they have committed to using it in alignment with our ethics principles.

Our gating process

To get access to Custom Neural Voice, you'll need to start by filling out our online intake form. Begin your application here.

Access to the Custom Neural Voice service is subject to Microsoft’s sole discretion based on our eligibility criteria, vetting process, and availability to support a limited number of customers during this gated preview.

As part of the application process, you will need to commit to obtaining explicit written permission from voice talent prior to creating a voice font, which includes sharing the Disclosure for Voice Talent. You must also agree that when deploying the voice font, your implementation will disclose the synthetic nature of the service to users, provide attribution to the Microsoft synthetic speech service in your terms of service, and support a feedback channel that allows users of the service to report issues and share details with Microsoft. Learn more about our Terms of Use here.

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