About the Speech Devices SDK

The Speech Services work with a wide variety of devices and audio sources. Now, you can take your speech applications to the next level with matched hardware and software. The Speech Devices SDK is a pretuned library that's paired with purpose-built, microphone array development kits.

The Speech Devices SDK can help you:

  • Rapidly test new voice scenarios.
  • More easily integrate the cloud-based Speech Services into your device.
  • Create an exceptional user experience for your customers.

The Speech Devices SDK consumes the Speech SDK. It uses the Speech SDK to send the audio that's processed by our advanced audio processing algorithm from the device's microphone array to the Speech Services. It uses multichannel audio to provide more accurate far-field speech recognition via noise suppression, echo cancellation, beamforming, and dereverberation.

You can also use the Speech Devices SDK to build ambient devices that have your own customized wake word so the cue that initiates a user interaction is unique to your brand.

The Speech Devices SDK facilitates a variety of voice-enabled scenarios, such as Custom Voice-First Virtual Assistants, drive-thru ordering systems, conversation transcription, and smart speakers. You can respond to users with text, speak back to them in a default or custom voice, provide search results, translate to other languages, and more. We look forward to seeing what you build!

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