Text Analytics API v3 language support


Languages are added as new model versions are released for specific Text Analytics features. The current model version for Sentiment Analysis is 2020-04-01.

Language Language code v3.x support Starting v3 model version: Notes
Chinese-Simplified zh-hans 2019-10-01 zh also accepted
Chinese-Traditional zh-hant 2019-10-01
Dutch nl 2019-10-01
English en 2019-10-01
French fr 2019-10-01
German de 2019-10-01
Hindi hi 2020-04-01
Italian it 2019-10-01
Japanese ja 2019-10-01
Korean ko 2019-10-01
Norwegian (Bokmål) no 2020-04-01
Portuguese (Brazil) pt-BR 2020-04-01
Portuguese (Portugal) pt-PT 2019-10-01 pt also accepted
Spanish es 2019-10-01
Turkish tr 2020-04-01

Opinion mining (v3.1 only)

Language Language code Starting with v3 model version: Notes
English en 2020-04-01

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