How to sign up for Translator

Sign in to the Azure portal

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Create a subscription for Translator

After you sign in to the portal, you can create a subscription to Translator as follows:

  1. Select + Create a resource.
  2. In the Search the Marketplace search box, enter Translator and then select it from the results.
  3. Select Create to define details for the subscription.
  4. From the Pricing tier list, select the pricing tier that best fits your needs.
    1. Each subscription has a free tier. The free tier has the same features and functionalities as the paid plans and doesn't expire.
    2. You can have only one free subscription for your account.
  5. Select Create to finish creating the subscription.

Authentication key

When you sign up for Translator, you get a personalized access key unique to your subscription. This key is required on each call to the Translator.

  1. Retrieve your authentication key by first selecting the appropriate subscription.
  2. Select Keys in the Resource Management section of your subscription's details.
  3. Copy either of the keys listed for your subscription.

Learn, test, and get support

Microsoft Translator will generally let your first couple of requests pass before it has verified the subscription account status. If the first few Translator requests succeed then the calls fail, the error response will indicate the problem. Please log the API response so you can see the reason.

Pricing options


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