How to sign up and upload your first video

This short getting started tutorial shows how to sign in to Video Indexer and how to upload your first video.

To read a detailed overview of the Video Indexer service, see the overview article.

Sign up and sign in

To start developing with Video Indexer, you must first Sign up and sign in to the Video Indexer portal.

You can sign up for the service using existing AAD, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google, or MSA account.

If signing in with an AAD account (for example, you must go through two preliminary steps:

  1. Contact Microsoft to register your AAD organization’s domain (
  2. Your AAD organization’s admin must first sign in to grant the portal permissions to your org.

Upload a video

To upload video press the Upload button.


Once your video has been uploaded, Video Indexer starts indexing and analyzing the video.


Once Video Indexer is done analyzing, you will get a notification with a link to your video and a short description of what was found in your video. For example: people, topics, OCRs.

Next steps

You can now use the Video Indexer portal or the API to see the insights of the video.

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