Get started with the SharePoint connector

The SharePoint Connector provides an way to work with Lists on SharePoint.

Get started by creating a logic app; see Create a logic app.

Create a connection to SharePoint

To use the SharePoint Connector , you first create a connection then provide the details for these properties:

Property Required Description
Token Yes Provide SharePoint Credentials

To connect to SharePoint, enter your identity (username and password, smart card credentials, etc.) to SharePoint. Once you've been authenticated, you can proceed to use the SharePoint connector in your logic app.

While on the designer of your logic app, follow these steps to sign into SharePoint to create the connection connection for use in your logic app:

  1. Enter SharePoint in the search box and wait for the search to return all entries with SharePoint in the name:
    Configure SharePoint
  2. Select SharePoint - When a file is created
  3. Select Sign in to SharePoint:
    Configure SharePoint
  4. Provide your SharePoint credentials to sign in to authenticate with SharePoint
    Configure SharePoint
  5. After the authentication completes you'll be redirected to your logic app to complete it by configuring SharePoint's When a file is created dialog.
    Configure SharePoint
  6. You can then add other triggers and actions that you need to complete your logic app.
  7. Save your work by selecting Save on the menu bar above.

Connector-specific details

View any triggers and actions defined in the swagger, and also see any limits in the connector details.

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