Build globally distributed applications with Azure Cosmos DB

Many of today’s applications require to be operated in multiple datacenters. These applications are referred as globally distributed applications. These applications are always "on" and they are accessible to users all around the globe. Managing the global distribution of data that is used by these applications while providing low latency, elastic scalability of throughput, and high availability around the world, is a hard problem. Azure Cosmos DB is a globally distributed database service that is designed to provide low latency, elastic scalability of throughput, well-defined semantics for data consistency, and high availability. In short, if your application needs guaranteed fast response time anywhere in the world, if it requires to be always online and needs unlimited and elastic scalability of throughput and storage, you should consider building applications using Azure Cosmos DB.

Azure Cosmos DB is a foundational Azure service and it is available in all Azure regions by default. Microsoft operates Azure data centers in 54+ regions around the world and continues to expand regional presence to meet the growing needs of the customers. When you create a Azure Cosmos account, you decide which region(s) it should be deployed in. Microsoft operates the Azure Cosmos DB service 24/7, so you can focus on your applications.

You can configure your databases to be globally distributed and available in any of the Azure regions. To lower the latency, you should place the data closer to where your users are. Choosing the required regions depends on the global reach of your application and where your users are located. Azure Cosmos DB transparently replicates the data within your account to all the regions associated with your account. It provides a single system image of your globally distributed Azure Cosmos database and containers that your application can read and write to locally. With Azure Cosmos DB, you can add or remove the regions associated with your account at any time. Your application does not need to be paused or redeployed to add or remove a region. It continues to be highly available all the time because of the multi-homing capabilities that the service provides.

Key benefits of global distribution

Build global active-active apps: With the multi-master capability, every region is a write region (in addition to being readable). The multi-master feature also guarantees- unlimited elastic write scalability, 99.999% read and write availability all around the world, and guaranteed reads/writes served in less than 10 milliseconds at the 99th percentile.

By using Azure Cosmos DB's multi-homing APIs, your application is aware of the nearest region and it can send requests to that region. Nearest region is identified without any configuration changes. As you add and remove regions from your Azure Cosmos DB account, your application does not need to be redeployed and it continues to be highly available.

Build highly responsive apps: Your application can be easily designed to perform near real-time reads and writes, with single-digit millisecond latencies against all the regions you have chosen for your database. Azure Cosmos DB internally handles the data replication between regions such that the consistency level chosen for the Azure Cosmos account is guaranteed.

Many applications will benefit from the performance enhancements that come with the ability to perform multi-region (local) writes. Some applications that require strong consistency prefer to funnel all writes to a single region. To support these applications, Azure Cosmos DB supports both single region and multi-region configurations.

Build highly available apps: Running a database in multiple regions increases the availability of the database. If one region is unavailable, other regions will automatically handle application requests. Azure Cosmos DB offers 99.999% read and write availability for multi-region databases.

Business continuity during regional outages: Azure Cosmos DB supports automatic failover during a regional outage. Moreover, during a regional outage, Azure Cosmos DB continues to maintain its latency, availability, consistency, and throughput SLAs. To help ensure your entire application is highly available, Azure Cosmos DB offers manual failover API to simulate a regional outage. By using this API, you can perform regular business continuity drills.

Global read and write scalability: With multi-master capability, you can elastically scale read and write throughput all around the world. Multi-master capability guarantees that the throughput that your application configures on an Azure Cosmos DB database or a container is delivered across all regions and protected by financially backed SLAs.

Multiple, well-defined consistency models: Azure Cosmos DB’s replication protocol is designed to offer five well-defined, practical, and intuitive consistency models. Each consistency model has a tradeoff between consistency and performance. These consistency models enable you to build globally distributed applications with ease.

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