Azure Cosmos DB Graph .NET API: Download and release notes

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Quickstart Azure Cosmos DB: Create a graph app using .NET and the Graph API
Tutorial Azure CosmosDB: Create a container with the Graph API
Current supported framework Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.1
Microsoft .NET Core

Release notes

We recommend using the open-source Gremlin driver for .NET, Gremlin.Net. Learn how to get started in Azure Cosmos DB: Create a graph app using .NET and the Graph API.


Bug fixes

  • Fix to optionally load appsettings.json (netstandard1.6)

What's new

  • Switch Microsoft.Azure.Graphs to target platform AnyCPU.
  • Remove Mono assembly from net461 package manifest.


What's new

  • Added support for .netstandard 1.6
    • Requires Microsoft.Azure.DocumentDB.Core >= 1.5.1
  • Added a new gremlin-groovy parser to replace existing parser. This parser supports a subset of Tinkerpop's gremlin-groovy syntax and includes:
    • Improved parsing performance by 2x.
    • Resolved a number of issues related to character escaping in strings, incorrectly handled literal values, and other irregularities in the old parser.
  • Added optimizations for traversals with edge predicates.
    • Traversal hops with filters should see this improvement, for example: g.V('1').outE().has('name', 'marko').inV().
  • Added optimizations for traversals with limit() step.

Breaking Changes

  • Removed support for .NET Framework 4.5.1

  • The new parser aligns with gremlin-groovy grammar. As a result, some expressions that worked previously are ambiguous for the new parser. One case of note:

    • in and as are reserved keywords in gremlin-groovy, so these steps must be qualified with .in() or .as() to avoid syntax errors. For example: g.V().repeat(in()).times(2) -> throws a syntax error
      g.V().repeat( -> succeeds






  • Initial preview release.

Release & Retirement dates

Microsoft will provide notification at least 12 months in advance of retiring an SDK in order to smooth the transition to a newer/supported version.

New features and functionality and optimizations are only added to the current SDK, as such it is recommended that you always upgrade to the latest SDK version as early as possible.

Any request to Azure Cosmos DB using a retired SDK will be rejected by the service.

Version Release Date Retirement Date
0.3.1-preview October 17, 2017 ---
0.3.0-preview October 2, 2017 ---
0.2.4-preview August 4, 2017 ---
0.2.2-preview June 23, 2017 ---
0.2.1-preview June 8, 2017 ---
0.2.0-preview May 10, 2017 ---
0.1.0-preview May 8, 2017 ---

See also

To learn more about the Azure Cosmos DB Graph API, see Introduction to Azure Cosmos DB: Graph API.