Visualize graph data stored in Azure Cosmos DB Gremlin API with data visualization solutions


You can visualize data stored in Azure Cosmos DB Gremlin API by using various data visualization solutions. The following solutions are recommended by the Apache Tinkerpop community for graph data visualization.

Linkurious Enterprise

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Linkurious Enterprise uses graph technology and data visualization to turn complex datasets into interactive visual networks. The platform connects to your data sources and enables investigators to seamlessly navigate across billions of entities and relationships. The result is a new ability to detect suspicious relationships without juggling with queries or tables.

The interactive interface of Linkurious Enterprise offers an easy way to investigate complex data. You can search for specific entities, expand connections to uncover hidden relationships, and apply layouts of your choice to untangle complex networks. Linkurious Enterprise is now compatible with Azure Cosmos DB Gremlin API. It's suitable for end-to-end graph visualization scenarios and supports read and write capabilities from the user interface. You can request a demo of Linkurious with Azure Cosmos DB

Linkurious Demo

Cambridge Intelligence

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Cambridge Intelligence’s graph visualization toolkits now support Azure Cosmos DB. The following two visualization toolkits are supported by Azure Cosmos DB:

Animation shows a KeyLines visualization example at various levels of detail.

These toolkits let you design high-performance graph visualization and analysis applications for your use case. They harness powerful Web Graphics Library(WebGL) rendering and carefully crafted code to give users a fast and insightful visualization experience. These tools are compatible with any browser, device, server or database, and come with step-by-step tutorials, fully documented APIs, and interactive demos.

Animation shows a Re-Graph visualization example at various levels of detail.

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