Cluster Parameters

Parameter(s) are a multirank object 1, 2 ... n that can be subordinate to [parameters].

[parameter], singular is a parameter object and can be referenced by other objects. [parameters], plural, is a section.

[parameters main]
  [[parameters sub-main]]
    [[[parameters sub-sub-main]]]
      [[[[parameter my-parameter]]]]

The nested parameter structure are exclusively for the purpose of rendering the parameter selection menus. Do not mix parameter ranks in a single template or UI rendering will be adversely affected.


Many of the attributes for parameters are dedicated to support selection of parameter values in the UI. CycleCloud maintains a list of Azure Subnets in the managed subscription and we have a special parameter attribute for selecting from that list.

[cluster scheduler]
Autoscale = $Autoscale
  [[node defaults]]
  SubnetId = $SubnetId

[parameter SubnetId]
  Label = Subnet ID
  Description = Subnet Resource Path (ResourceGroup/VirtualNetwork/Subnet)
  ParameterType = Azure.Subnet
  Required = True

[parameter Autoscale]
  Label = Autoscale
  DefaultValue = true
  Widget.Plugin = pico.form.BooleanCheckBox
  Widget.Label = Start and stop execute instances automatically

The $ is a reference to a parameter name.

Attribute Reference

Attributes available with the [parameter] object for any rank.

Attribute Type Definition
Label String Label of parameter entry field in the UI
Description String Longer description of the parameter entry field in the UI
Required Boolean Force the user to enter a value for this parameter in the UI. Default is false.
DefaultValue Any Default value for parameter. Can be boolean, string, list according to parameter definition.
Disabled Boolean Hide the parameter in the UI and mute the value in the cluster interpretation.
ParameterType String Custom parameter types to effect rendering, selection behavior and value constraints. See Below. Default is String.
Config. String ParameterType dependent additional configs. Use as Config.config-name = config-value. Keys include Filter
Widget.Plugin String Some parameters are provided through javascript widgets. Widget name.
Widget.Label String Label for javascript widget.

ParameterType Reference

CycleCloud supports a number of different parameter types to facilitate selection, promote clarity and reduce erroneous parameter choices.

Special parameter types in Azure beginning with the Azure key might respect special parameter names like Credential and Region. Credential and Region inform these parameter selectors which options to present based on subscription and location.

ParameterType Definition
Boolean Boolean checkbox selector
String String parameter field
StringList String list builder
Password Entering a password with obfuscation.
Cloud.Region Supported and available Azure Location. Recommended for all Cluster Templates.
Cloud.Credentials CycleCloud Provider Account. Recommended for all Cluster Templates.
Cloud.ClusterInitSpecs Cluster-Init Project selector.
Azure.Environment Azure deployments existing in subscription selector
Azure.ResourceGroup Azure Resource Group selector
Azure.MachineType Azure VM size selector
Azure.ManagedIdentity Azure Managed Identity selector
Azure.Subnet Azure Subnet selector