Rounds values down to an integer multiple of a given bin size.

Used frequently in combination with summarize by .... If you have a scattered set of values, they will be grouped into a smaller set of specific values.

Null values, a null bin size, or a negative bin size will result in null.

Alias to floor() function.




  • value: A number, date, or timespan.
  • roundTo: The "bin size". A number or timespan that divides value.


The nearest multiple of roundTo below value.

(toint((value/roundTo))) * roundTo`


Expression Result
bin(4.5, 1) 4.0
bin(time(16d), 7d) 14d
bin(datetime(1970-05-11 13:45:07), 1d) datetime(1970-05-11)

The following expression calculates a histogram of durations, with a bucket size of 1 second:

T | summarize Hits=count() by bin(Duration, 1s)