Logical (binary) operators

The following logical operators are supported between two values of the bool type:


These logical operators are sometimes referred-to as Boolean operators, and sometimes as binary operators. The names are all synonyms.

Operator name Syntax Meaning
Equality == Yields true if both operands are non-null and equal to each other. Otherwise, false.
Inequality != Yields true if either one (or both) of the operands are null, or they are not equal to each other. Otherwise, true.
Logical and and Yields true if both operands are true.
Logical or or Yields true if one of the operands is true, regardless of the other operand.


Due to the behavior of the Boolean null value bool(null), two Boolean null values are neither equal nor non-equal (in other words, bool(null) == bool(null) and bool(null) != bool(null) both yield the value false).

On the other hand, and/or treat the null value as equivalent to false, so bool(null) or true is true, and bool(null) and true is false.