Azure Stack Edge and Azure Data Box Gateway 1911 release notes

The following release notes identify the critical open issues and the resolved issues for the 1911 release for Azure Stack Edge and Data Box Gateway.

The release notes are continuously updated, and as critical issues requiring a workaround are discovered, they are added. Before you deploy your Azure Stack Edge/Data Box Gateway, carefully review the information contained in the release notes.

This release corresponds to the software versions:

  • Azure Stack Edge 1911 (1.6.1049.786)
  • Data Box Gateway 1911 (1.6.1049.786)


Update 1911 can be applied only to all devices that are running general availability (GA) versions of the software or later.

What's new

There are no new features in the 1911 release, only bug fixes.

Known issues in this release

No new issues are release noted for this release. All the release noted issues have carried over from the previous releases. To see a list of known issues, go to Known issues in the GA release.

Next steps