Business intelligence tools

You can connect your favorite business intelligence (BI) tool to Azure Databricks clusters and SQL endpoints using a native connector or a JDBC or ODBC driver and access data in Azure Databricks tables. The following BI tools integrate with Azure Databricks:

Product Requirements and recommendations Documentation
Power BI Logo * Power BI Desktop
* 2.85.681.0 or above recommended: no requirements
* Below 2.85.681.0: Databricks ODBC driver
* Power BI Service: no requirements
* Azure Databricks Power BI Integration
Tableau Logo * Tableau Desktop
* 2019.3 or above recommended: Databricks ODBC driver
* Tableau Online: no requirements
* Azure Databricks Tableau Integration
* Tableau Databricks Connector
Qlik Logo No requirements * Databricks Qlik Integration
* Qlik Create an Apache Spark connection
Looker Logo No requirements * Azure Databricks Looker Integration
Spotfire Logo Databricks ODBC driver * Azure Databricks Spotfire Analyst Integration
* TIBCO Connecting to Databricks
SQL Workbench/J Databricks JDBC driver * Azure Databricks SQL Workbench/J Integration
* SQL Workbench/J Getting Started