An Azure Databricks workspace is an environment for accessing all of your Azure Databricks assets. The workspace organizes objects (notebooks, libraries, and experiments) into folders, and provides access to data and computational resources such as clusters and jobs.

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You can manage the workspace using the workspace UI, the Databricks CLI, and the API reference. Most of the articles in the Azure Databricks documentation focus on performing tasks using the Workspace UI.

To get help:

  1. Click the Help icon at the top right-hand corner:

    Help menus

  2. Select one of the following options:

    • Help Center: Submit a help ticket or search across Azure Databricks documentation, Azure Databricks Knowledge Base articles, Apache Spark documentation, and Databricks forums.
    • Release Notes: View Azure Databricks Release notes.
    • Documentation: View Azure Databricks Documentation.
    • Knowledge Base: View Azure Databricks Knowledge Base.
    • Feedback: Provide Azure Databricks product feedback.
    • Shortcuts: Display notebook keyboard shortcuts.

The following articles give an overview of workspace assets, how to work with workspace folders and other objects, and how to find IDs for your workspace and assets: