Extension samples

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Get started developing your extension by working from a sample.


Check out our newest documentation on extension development using the Azure DevOps Extension SDK.

The Microsoft samples listed below show the capabilities of the extension framework and how to contribute to various areas. Each sample illustrates one or more contributions. We've limited the number of contributions for each sample to increase understanding of the extension framework.

Sample Source Contributions Description
Color Scale Work Item Form Custom Control GitHub Work Item Form Control Add color coding to the values in a dropdown.
Countdown Widget GitHub Dashboard Widget Every team has important dates to remember. Make them visible for your team on your dashboard!
File Owner GitHub Context menu action (source explorer) Allows users to see who owns a file from the Source Explorer
Folder Management GitHub Context menu action (code explorer tree) Create a folder in your source repositories from the code explorer tree. No need to clone the repository or install extra tools
Print Cards GitHub Toolbar action (Kanban board) Print cards from your Kanban board for use on a physical board
Offline Test Execution GitHub Test plan tab Allows the tester to perform the test steps even if disconnected from Azure DevOps or TFS. It can be done using the exported Excel Spreadsheet.
Release Management Tasks GitHub Release Management tasks Utility tasks for Release Management: Tokenizer, Powershell++, Shell++, Zip & Unzip, Powershell to rollback
Roll-up Board GitHub Dashboard Widget This widget shows the number of cards in each column of the Kanban board
Sample Data GitHub Dashboard Widget Lets you create and remove sample data in your project.
Show Area Path Dependencies GitHub Hub Provides a lightweight way to manage dependencies on other teams.
State Model Visualization GitHub Toolbar action (work item), Hub Visualize the state model for a selected work item type.
Tags MRU GitHub Context menu action (work item), Notification (work item) Keeps a list of the most recently used work item tags and allows adding them with a single click.
Team Calendar GitHub Hub, Event sources Track events important to your team, view and manage days off, quickly see when sprints start and end, and more.
Project Health GitHub Dashboard Widget Enable users to visualize the overall health of builds, delivering a visual cue similar to the Codify Build Light.
User Voice UI GitHub Group (work item form), Hub, Extension data Shows rich data of the linked User Voice suggestions on the work item form. It covers the following techniques: calling external APIs, add tags to work item, add links to work item, resize of container.
Work Item Details GitHub Context menu action (work item), Dashboard Widget View details of work item(s) on your dashboard
WSJF GitHub Notification (work item), Context menu action (work item) Calculates the Weighted Shortest Job First (WSJF), which is a formula to calculate the backlog items with highest ROI. It is a popular prioritization feature in frameworks like SAFe.
Cascading Picklists GitHub Work Item Form Convert regular picklist fields into lists that display or hide values depending on the value of a parent picklist.

How to get started

To get you started as quickly as possible, there is a seed project available that contains the files required to build an extension using TypeScript. To automate building, packaging and publishing the extension a grunt script is added.

If you're interested in a sample project that contains the majority of the contributions, see the Azure DevOps sample extensions repository on GitHub.