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As changes occur to your code base, builds, work items, and other operations, you can receive email notifications. For example, you can set an alert, so you're notified whenever a bug that you opened is resolved or you're assigned to a work item.


This article applies to Azure DevOps Services, TFS 2017 Update 1, and later versions. If you work from an on-premises TFS 2017 or earlier versions, see Set alerts, get notified when changes occur. For on-premises TFS, you must configure an SMTP server for team members to see the Notifications option from their organization menu and to receive notifications.

In this tutorial, you learn how to do the following tasks:

  • View your notifications
  • Add a custom subscription
  • Unsubscribe or opt out of a team or project subscription

View your personal notifications

From the web portal, select the icon with your initials or picture, and then select Notification settings from the drop-down menu.

Navigate to personal notifications page

Navigate to personal notifications page

View all subscriptions

This view shows all subscriptions that you have created or that have been created by an administrator. Subscriptions let you control what you are notified about. Those notifications you're subscribed to are indicated with the State as On.

Personal notification subscriptions
Personal notification subscriptions

A subscription can be just for you, or if you are a team admin, can be shared by everyone in the team.

Add a custom subscription

With custom personal subscriptions, you can define precise criteria for the events you want to receive notifications for. In contrast to a default subscription, which only notifies the users or groups directly associated with an event, a custom subscription can notify you about any event.

  1. From your Notifications page, select New subscription.
Open the new subscription dialog
Open the new subscription dialog
  1. Choose the category and template you want to use. For a list of supported templates, see Default and supported notifications.

    Here we choose to get notified when a pull request is created within a specific project, Fabrikam Fiber.

    New subscription dialog
  2. Modify the description to help you identify the subscription later. Also choose an email address for notifications to be delivered to. By default, your preferred email address is used. optionally, include one or more fields to further specify the event criteria.

    Updated subscription dialog with field criteria


    The fields available for filtering event criteria differ depending on the category and template you select.

  3. Select Finish when you're done. The subscription now appears in the list under the category you selected.

    New subscription added

Unsubscribe or opt out of a team or OOB subscription

You can choose to not receive notifications for certain team subscriptions by opting out of the subscription.

To unsubscribe from any notification, even one that you've defined, slide the State On/Off indicator to the Off position.

For example, here we turn off the Build completes subscription.

Unsubscribe from Build completes subscription


Whether you are an administrator or not, toggling a shared team subscription from your notification settings only impacts you and not other team members.


  • The user interface no longer supports creating plain text email subscriptions.