Analyze organization-level notifications statistics

Azure DevOps Services | Azure DevOps Server 2019 | TFS 2018 | TFS 2017

Notification statistics show the top 10 most active subscriptions and top event initiators in your organization, for the current day. Administrators should periodically review statistics to ensure there are no unintended high volume subscriptions or event initiators.


For on-premises Azure DevOps Server, you must configure an SMTP server in order for team members to see the Notifications option from their organization or user profile menu and to receive notifications.

View notification statistics for organization

  1. Open organization notifications settings.
  2. Select the Statistics tab.
  3. Analyze the most active subscriptions and top event initiators.

Organization notification settings delivery option


  • A context menu (...) on the most active subscriptions provides the option to edit, disable, or delete the subscription
  • Both email and service hooks subscriptions are eligible for the most active subscriptions
  • The integer subscription ID is shown in the description for a custom email subscription
  • Results are not a sliding 24-hour window and reset at the beginning of each day (00:00 UTC)