Add external users to your organization

Azure DevOps Services

Learn how to invite external users to your organization, if you access Azure DevOps via Azure Active Directory (Azure AD). To do so, you must add the identities of those users to your Azure AD and organizations. Doing this also grants the users some additional privileges. Learn more about the additional organization-level resources.


  • You must set the policy External guest access to On for the organization that you want to invite external users to.

    External guest access

  • You must be a member of the Project Collection Administrators or Project Administrators group for the organization that you want to invite external users to.

  • The Azure AD tenant to which you want to invite external users must allow you to add new users based on your Azure Active Directory guest policies. Learn how to become eligible to invite external users on your Azure AD tenant.

Invite an external user to your organization

  1. Sign in to your organization ({yourorganization}).

  2. Select gear icon Organization settings.

    Open Organization settings

  3. Select Users, and then select Add new users.

    Select Add new users

  4. Enter the external user's email address followed by a semicolon, and then select Add. A warning message appears, indicating that an external user is being added from outside your directory.

    Add external user

  5. Advise the external user to locate the email that they received from Azure DevOps and go to the redemption URL. The external user must navigate through an Azure B2B redemption experience, which adds the user to your organization.


If you need to resend the invitation email, go to Users, select the user, and select Resend invite.

The external user is added to the organization to which they were invited and has immediate access.