Browse code, download code

Azure DevOps Services - Public Projects

When you're viewing a public project, you're able to browse and download the code stored within the repositories, and view code-related objects such as commits, branches, and pull requests.


By default you have read-only access to the code in the repository. To perform operations such as forking, creating branches, and making pull requests, you must be invited to contribute.

Here we focus on what you can do as an anonymous user who isn't signed in as a contributor to a project.

Open Repos > Files or Code > Files

Choose Repos > Files.

Open Repos, anonymous user

Select the repository

Select the repository of interest from the repository selector.

Choose repository, anonymous user

Download code

Open the Repository actions actions icon for the repository, file, or folder and choose Download as Zip (or Download if you are downloading a single file). You can also choose the Download icon at the right side of the screen to download either all of the files in the currently selected folder, or the currently selected file.

Download code

View Files, Commits, Pushes, Branches, Tags, and Pull Requests

Within a Git repository, you can view any of the following items: Files, Commits, Pushes, Branches, Tags, or Pull Requests.

In the following example, we view Commits.

Download code

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