Install Apple Provisioning Profile task

Azure Pipelines | Azure DevOps Server 2020 | Azure DevOps Server 2019 | TFS 2018

Use this task to install an Apple provisioning profile that is required to build on a macOS agent. You can use this task to install provisioning profiles needed to build iOS Apps, Apple WatchKit Apps and App Extensions.

You can install an Apple provisioning profile that is:

  • Stored as a secure file on the server.
  • (Azure Pipelines) Committed to the source repository or copied to a local path on the macOS agent. We recommend encrypting the provisioning profiles if you are committing them to the source repository. The Decrypt File task can be used to decrypt them during a build or release.



YAML snippet

# Install Apple provisioning profile
# Install an Apple provisioning profile required to build on a macOS agent machine
- task: InstallAppleProvisioningProfile@1
    #provisioningProfileLocation: 'secureFiles' # Options: secureFiles, sourceRepository
    #provProfileSecureFile: # Required when provisioningProfileLocation == SecureFiles
    #provProfileSourceRepository: # Required when provisioningProfileLocation == SourceRepository
    #removeProfile: true # Optional


Argument Description
Provisioning Profile Location (Azure Pipelines) Select the location of the provisioning profile to install. The provisioning profile can be uploaded to Secure Files or stored in your source repository or a local path on the agent.
Provisioning Profile Select the provisioning profile that was uploaded to Secure Files to install on the macOS agent (or) Select the provisioning profile from the source repository or specify the local path to a provisioning profile on the macOS agent.
Remove Profile After Build Select to specify that the provisioning profile should be removed from the agent after the build or release is complete.