Version, select, or unpublish a published wiki

Azure DevOps Services


The publish code as wiki feature is currently available on Azure DevOps Services only. For TFS 2018 and later versions, you can only provision a wiki for your team project.

When you publish a Git repository to a wiki, you can publish new branch versions of the repo, select a version to view, or unpublish the repo.

Publish a new wiki version

When your published wiki corresponds to a product version, you can publish new versions as you release new versions of your product. To create a new version, create a new branch of your repo and then make updates to that new branch.


Choose New navigation if you see a vertical sidebar or if the New Navigation feature is enabled. The vertical sidebar along with other navigational features are enabled when New Navigation has been enabled for the signed-in user or the organization. To learn how to use the web portal effectively, see Web portal navigation.

Choose Previous navigation when you see a top-level, blue-bar and when using the web portal for on-premises TFS.

  1. To create a new branch from the web portal, open Repos>Branches, open the  actions icon for the branch you have previously published, and choose New branch.

    Create a new branch

  2. To Publish the new branch to a wiki, open the Wiki page for the currently published branch, open the  actions icon, and choose Publish new version.

    Publish new version menu option

  3. Fill out the form, choosing the branch that you previously created.

    Publish new version dialog box

  4. Choose Update.

Select a wiki version

To select a wiki version, choose the version from the branch options from the Wiki page.

Select wiki version

Unpublish a published wiki

If you no longer want a repository to be published as a wiki, you can choose to unpublish it from Wiki. Unpublishing a wiki unpublishes all versions of the repository that you have published previously.

  1. Simply select the wiki you want to unpublish, pen the context menu, and choose Unpublish wiki.

    Unpublish a wiki confirm dialog

  2. Confirm that you want to unpublish the wiki by choosing Unpublish.

    Select wiki version