Default Analytics views

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An Analytics view filters Azure DevOps data derived from Analytics. You use views to quickly load the data of interest in Power BI to generate reports.


Analytics views only support Azure Boards data (work items). Analytics views doesn't support other data types, such as Pipelines. Views provide a flat-list of work items, and don't support work item hierarchies. At this point, we have no plans to update the connector to support other types of data. For information on other approaches, read Power BI Integration Overview.

A default set of Analytics views is provided, as shown below.


To access Analytics views, you must enable the feature as described in Manage or enable features.

Screenshot of default Analytics views.


The labels you see for the list of default Analytics views will differ depending on the process that was chosen when creating your team project—Basic, Agile, Scrum, or CMMI. However, the basic functionality available to you remains the same unless explicitly mentioned.

These views are immediately available from Power BI, as shown in the Navigator dialog illustrated below, and are a great way to get started.

Screenshot of Azure DevOps Power BI Data Connector showing access to Analytics views

Each default Analytics view provides a combination of options for work item types and historical data. The following tables describe each set of options.

Options for work item types

Work item type option Description
Bugs Load current or historical state of Bugs only
Requirement Backlog Load current or historical state of Stories, Backlog Items or Requirements
Tasks Load current or historical state of Tasks
Work Items Load current or historical state of all work items

Options for historical data

Historical option Description
Today Loads only the most recent revision for each work item
Last 30 days Loads work item history for the last 30 days, on a daily interval
Last 26 weeks Loads work item history for the last 26 weeks, on a weekly interval
All history by month Loads all work item history, on a monthly interval

Common reportable fields

Default views automatically include the most common fields for the included work item types used for reporting. All custom fields are included.

For example, the following fields are included when filtered for bugs and user stories. You can look up the description of most of these fields from the Analytics work item fields reference or Work item field index.

Analytics views common fields

Two fields that are reported on are only available from Analytics data, Cycle Time Days and Lead Time Days. To learn more about how these days are calculated, see Cumulative flow, lead time, and cycle time guidance, Lead time versus cycle time.

When a default view doesn't meet your needs

The default Analytics views return all the specified data in a project. They work well for customers with smaller datasets. For larger datasets, the amount of data generated by a default view may be too large for Power BI to load.

In these cases, you can create a custom Analytics view to fine-tune the records, fields, and history loaded into Power BI.